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Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The SRC DMA generates an address to the flash controller via its interface to read data from the flash memory device.

The SRC DMA writes the data from flash device to the DMA buffer. The DST DMA then writes the data in the buffer to system memory. Single transactions are four bytes and burst transactions are always 64 bytes.

Control Settings

The following table lists the SRC DMA settings.

Table 1. OSPI Source DMA Control Settings
Register Offset Address Write Value Description
DMA_Config 0x0020 0000_0602h Transfer size: four bytes for single AXI transfer and 64 bytes for AXI burst transfer. The DMA does not support any other transfer sizes.
Indirect_Read_Watermark 0x0064 0000_0000h To indicate data availability as and when sufficient data is available in the buffer.
Indirect_Trig_Addr 0x0080 0000_0006h The SRC DMA can execute only a fixed burst of 64-bytes.
SRAM_Partition_Config 0x0018 0000_00FEh Allocate the 1 KB buffer for SRC DMA read operations.