OSPI Flash Boot Sequences

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The BootROM code initiates the boot sequence with the default 4-byte address octal output fast read command code 7Ch and the BootROM searches for a valid boot header. If a valid boot header is not found, the BootROM attempts to load the image using the 4-byte alternate addressing read command code 13h. If a valid boot header is still not detected, the basic read command 03h is tried. If the boot attempt is unsuccessful after the third command, the BootROM increments the MultiBoot register ( PMC_MULTI_BOOT ) read address offset by 32 KB and tries the OSPI command sequence again to locate a valid boot header. If the OSPI boot mode search limit is reached without a successful boot, the RCU goes into lockdown and the ERROR_OUT pin is set.

The image search limit for each boot mode is listed in Boot Search Limit.