Switch Egress Ports

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The interconnect switch ePorts connect to destinations, which can include final destinations such as register programming interfaces or memory resources. The ePorts also interface to other interconnect switches.

The ePorts include several features and functions to monitor and control the interface. These features are explained in the following sections:

Attached Interfaces

There are several types of interfaces attached to ePorts:

  • Programming interface (APB/AXI)
  • Configuration interface (AXI)
  • Data memory interface including interfaces from the PL (AXI/ACE)

Programming Interface

A programming interface (ProgIF) connects a switch to one or more register modules. The protocol can be APB or AXI. If the interface is AXI, only one destination is connected to the ePort. If the interface is APB, more than one register module interface can be connected to the ePort.

Configuration Interface

A configuration interface (ConfigIF) connects a switch to another switch that can provide access to register modules, controls, caches, and other local memories. The configuration interface is usually a 32-bit AXI data bus.

Data Memory Interface

A data memory interface (DataMem) connects a switch to a memory, another switch, or the PL for transferring data. The data memory interface protocol is AXI or ACE-Lite with a 64- or 128-bit wide data bus.