Address Resolution Protocol

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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1.6 English

An ARP request event is detected when all of the following are true.

  • ARP request events are enabled through bit [17] of the wake-on-LAN register
  • Broadcasts are allowed by bit [5] in the network configuration register
  • RX frame has a broadcast destination address (bytes 1 to 6)
  • RX frame has a specific type ID field of 0x0806 (bytes 13 and 14)
  • RX frame has an ARP operation field of 0x0001 (bytes 21 and 22)
  • The least significant 16 bits of the frame's ARP target protocol address (bytes 41 and 42) match the value programmed in bits[15:0] of the wake-on-LAN register

The decoding of the ARP fields adjusts automatically if a VLAN tag is detected within the frame. The reserved value of 0x0000 for the wake-on-LAN target address value does not cause an ARP request event, even if matched by the frame.