PMC Source Clocks

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The PMC has three source clocks:

  • REF_CLK device pin input
  • PMC_IRO_CLK, an internal ring oscillator (IRO) (aka SysOsc)
  • Real-time clock (RTC) driven by an external crystal

REF_CLK Device Pin Input

The REF_CLK is typically driven by a 33 MHz external LVCMOS clock signal and is used to drive the PLL clock generators.

Note: Most devices require a single REF_CLK. Some SSI technology devices require multiple reference clocks. For additional information, see the SSI Multiple Super Logic Regions section.

PMC_IRO_CLK Oscillator

The PMC_IRO_CLK is internal to the device and is generated by a self-starting internal ring oscillator (IRO). This clock is used within the PMC for the RCU and PPU processors, their AXI interconnect, and the security module. The IRO frequency is trimmed to the specification defined in the Versal adaptive SoC data sheets listed in References.

Crystal-driven RTC

The RTC is driven by an external 32.768 kHz crystal. The clock is consumed within the RTC time keeper. The RTC provides a calibrated time reference based on the attached clock crystal. The clock can be calibrated for greater accuracy. When the device is powered down, the RTC is operated by the battery. The RTC is described in Real-Time Clock.

Summary of Primary Clock Sources and Their Destinations

The following table lists the primary clock sources.

Table 1. Primary Clock Sources and Usages
Clock Name Usages
REF_CLK device pin PLL clock generators
PMC_IRO_CLK oscillator PMC-only: processors, interconnect, and security module
RTC_CLK crystal RTC and battery-backed RAM within the PMC