Polling Programming Model

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The controller polling mode is used to repeatedly read a byte from the flash device and compare it to an expected 8-bit value. This mode is often used for status checking. The polling operation is configured by the QSPI.POLL_CFG register. When the data matches the value in [POLL_DATA] with the [MASK_EN] field applied, the data byte is written into the RXFIFO. This event can be programmed to generate an interrupt.

When two flash devices are used, the controller does not execute the next command until the data from both flash devices matches the value of the [POLL_DATA] with the [MASK_EN] field applied.

Status Checking Use Case

The polling operation is useful when checking the status of a flash device. For example, when a page program is issued to a flash device, the software itself can poll the status to check when the write is completed. This software polling requires multiple read requests from the flash device's status register. The polling operation autonomously reads the data and checks for the expected value independent of software.

Polling Timeout

The polling operation also includes a timeout feature. The timeout operation is configured by the POLL_TIMEOUT register and enabled by the CFG [EN_POLL_TIMEOUT] bit.

If the timeout occurs, the ISR [Poll_Time_Expire] interrupt bit is set to 1 if this interrupt is not masked. This interrupt bit asserts the QSPI system interrupt.