Interconnect Channels and Ports

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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There are many interconnect ports in the PMC, PS, and CPM. The ports are characterized as follows:

  • Host: Host interfaces source the transaction and are connected to an iPort
  • ProgIF: Register programming interfaces often have an ePort
  • Config: Configuration interfaces have an ePort, but never an iPort
  • Switch: Types of interface channels attached to port modules:
    • Interface includes an ePort and iPort module
    • ePort module to another switch without an iPort module
    • Neither interface has a port because the channel is a path within switches in the same domain or has other protection

The PMC, PS, and CPM interface channels are listed in the following table.

Table 1. Interconnect Channels and Ports
Interconnect Channel Source Port Destination Port Notes
Name Type Name Type Name Port Type
CPM_AXI_NOC Data CPM ePort NoC Interconnect - cpm_ps_axi1
CPM_AXI_PCIE Data CPM Main Switch ePort CPM PCIe Interface - intcpm_pcie_axi
CPM_AXI_PS Switch CPM Main Switch ePort CPM_PS Switch iPort cpm_ps_axi0
CPM_PS_AXI_FPD Data CPM_PS Switch ePort FPD_SMMU_TBU3 - intlpd_intfpd_pcie_axi
CPM_PS_AXI_NOC Data CPM_PS Switch ePort NoC Interconnect - ps_noc_pcie_axi0
CPM_PS_APB_DPC Data CPM_PS Switch ePort Debug Packet Controller - intlpd_hsdp_apb
JTAG_AXI_PMC Host JTAG DAP Controller - PMC Switch iPort jtagdap_intpmc_axi
DBG_AXI_FPD Host CoreSight - FPD Switch iPort dbg_intfpd_axi
DMA_AXI_LPD Host LPD_DMA controller - LPD Switch iPort adma_intlpd_axi
DMA0_AXI_PMC Host PMC_DMA0 - PMC Switch iPort pmcdma0_intpmc_axi
DMA1_AXI_PMC Host PMC_DMA1 - PMC Switch iPort pmcdma1_intpmc_axi
DPC_AXI_PMC Host DPC - PMC Switch iPort dpc_intpmc_axi
DPC_AXI_PS_CPM Host DPC - PS_CPM iPort hsdp_intlpd_axi
FPD_ADDR_PL Addr FPD_SMMU_TBU6 - PL - plat (addr translation)
FPD_APB_PLAXI ProgIF FPD_Aux Switch ePort PL_AXI_FPD_CSR - intfpd_afifm0
FPD_APB_PLACELITE ProgIF FPD_Aux Switch ePort PL_ACELITE_FPD_CSR - intfpd_afifm2
FPD_APB_CRF ProgIF FPD_Aux Switch ePort CRF Controller -  
FPD_APB_CCI ProgIF FPD_Aux Switch ePort FPD_CCI_CORE - intfpd_main_cci
FPD_APB_CCI ProgIF FPD_Aux Switch ePort FPD_CCI_CSR - intfpd_main_cci
FPD_APB_INT ProgIF FPD_Aux Switch ePort FPD_INT_CSR - intfpd_config_apb
FPD_APB_INT ProgIF FPD_Aux Switch ePort FPD_XMPU - intfpd_firefall_config_apb
FPD_APB_SLCR ProgIF FPD_Aux Switch ePort FPD_SLCR - intfpd_fpdslcr
FPD_APB_SLCR ProgIF FPD_Aux Switch ePort FPD_SLCR_SECURE - intfpd_fpdslcrsecure
FPD_AXI_SMMU_CSR ProgIF FPD_Aux Switch ePort FPD_SMMU_CSR - intfpd_smmu
FPD_AXI_SWDT ProgIF FPD_Aux Switch ePort FPD_SWDT - intfpd_wdt
FPD_AXI_AUX Switch FPD Switch - FPD_Aux Switch - -
FPD_AXI_DBG Data FPD_Aux Switch ePort CoreSight - intfpd_dbg
FPD_AXI_GIC ProgIF FPD_Aux Switch ePort APU GIC x11 Reg Modules - gicsw1_gic
FPD_AXI_GPV ProgIF FPD_Aux Switch - FPD_INT_GPV Registers - fpd_gpv
FPD_AXI_LPD Data FPD Switch ePort LPD main Switch - intfpd_intlpd_axi
FPD_AXI_OCM_SW Switch FPD Switch ePort OCM Switch in LPD iPort intfpd_intlpdocm_axi
FPD_AXI_PCIE Switch FPD Switch - PCIe_PCIe Switch - -
FPD_AXI_PL Data FPD Switch ePort AXI Interface to PL - coresw_afifs_slave
FPD_AXI_PS_CPM Switch FPD_PCIe Switch - PS_CPM Switch iPort intfpd_intlpd_pcie_axi
FPD_AXI_SMMU_TCU Config FPD_Aux Switch - FPD SMMU - intfpd_intfpdtcu_prog
FPD_CCI0_AXI_PCIE Switch FPD_CCI port 0 - FPD_Main Switch - -
FPD_CCI1_AXI_PCIE Switch FPD_CCI port 1 - FPD_PCIe Switch - -
FPD_CCI2_AXI_NOC Data FPD_CCI port 2 ePort NoC channel 0 - ps_noc_cci_axi0
FPD_CCI3_AXI_NOC Data FPD_CCI port 3 ePort NoC channel 1 - ps_noc_cci_axi1
FPD_CCI4_AXI_NOC Data FPD_CCI port 4 ePort NoC channel 2 - ps_noc_cci_axi2
FPD_CCI5_AXI_NOC Data FPD_CCI port 5 ePort NoC channel 3 - ps_noc_cci_axi3
FPD_SMMU4_AXI_NOC Data FPD_SMMU TBU 4 ePort NoC channel - ps_noc_nci_axi1
FPD_SMMU5_AXI_NOC Data FPD_SMMU TBU 5 ePort NoC channel - ps_noc_nci_axi0
GIC_AXI_FPD Data APU_GIC_xxx - FPD Switch - gic_intfpd
IOP_AXI_PMC Switch PMC_IOP Switch - PMC Switch iPort intpmciou_intpmc_axi
LPD_APB_CPM_CSR ProgIF LPD Switch ePort CPM4_CSR - intlpd_cpmpcsr_apb
LPD_APB_GPV ProgIF LPD Switch - LPD_INT_GPV Registers - lpd_gpv
LPD_APB_IPI ProgIF LPD Switch ePort IPI Register Module - intlpd_lpdipi_apb
LPD_APB_DMA ProgIF LPD Switch ePort LPD_DMA registers - intlpd_adma_apb
LPD_APB_PLAXI ProgIF LPD Switch ePort PL_AXI_LPD_CSR   intlpd_afifmlpd_apb
LPD_APB_RPU_DUAL_CSR ProgIF LPD Switch ePort RPU_DUAL_CSR - intlpd_rpu_apb
LPD_APB_OCM_CSR ProgIF LPD Switch ePort OCM_CSR   intlpd_ocmCntrl_apb
LPD_APB_XRAM_CTRL{0:3} ProgIF LPD Switch ePort XRAM Control Registers   intlpd_ocmext_apb
LPD_APB_SLCR ProgIF LPD Switch ePort LPD_SLCR - intlpd_lpdslcr_apb
LPD_APB_SLCR_SECURE ProgIF LPD Switch ePort LPD_SCLR_SECURE   intlpd_lpdslcrsecure_apb
LPD_APB_CRL ProgIF LPD Switch ePort CRL Registers   intlpd_crl_apb
LPD_AXI_CPM_CFG Switch LPD Switch ePort CPM_CFG APB Switch - ps_cpm_cfg_axi
LPD_AXI_FPD Switch LPD Switch ePort FPD_SMMU_TBU0 - intlpd_intfpd_axi
LPD_AXI_IOP Switch LPD Switch ePort LPD_IOP Switch - intlpd_intiou_axi, lpd_main_iou
OCM_SW_AXI_NOC Data OCM Switch in LPD ePort NoC Interconnect - ps_noc_rpu_axi0
OCM_SW_AXI_OCM Data OCM Switch in LPD ePort OCM Memory - intlpd_ocm_axi
LPD_AXI_OCM_SW Switch LPD Switch - OCM Switch in LPD - iou_lpdmain
OCM_SW_AXI_PL Switch OCM Switch in LPD ePort AXI to PL - intlpd_afifslpd_axi, m_axi_lpd
LPD_AXI_PMC Switch LPD Switch ePort PMC Switch iPort ps_pmc_axi0
LPD_AXI_PSM Switch LPD Switch - PSM Switch - intlpd_intpsm_axi
LPD_AXI_RPU0 Config LPD Switch ePort RPU0: config, TCM, Cache - intlpd_rpu0_axi
LPD_AXI_RPU1 Config LPD Switch ePort RPU1: config, TCM, Cache - intlpd_rpu1_axi
OCM_SW_AXI_XRAM Data OCM Switch in LPD ePort XRAM Memory - intlpd_ocmext_axi
MB_AXI_PSM Data PSM MicroBlaze Config, Cache - PSM Switch - psmublaze_intpsm
NOC_AXI_TBU1_CCI Switch NoC Interconnect - FPD SMMU TBU1 and CCI - noc_ps_cci_axi1
NOC_AXI_TBU2_CCI Switch NoC Interconnect - FPD SMMU TBU2 and CCI - noc_ps_cci_axi0
NOC_AXI_TBU4 Switch NoC Interconnect - FPD SMMU TBU4 - noc_ps_nci_axi1
NOC_AXI_TBU5 Switch NoC Interconnect - FPD SMMU TBU5 - noc_ps_nci_axi0
NOC_AXI_PMC Switch NoC Interconnect - PMC Switch iPort noc_pmc_axi0
NOC_AXI_PS_CPM Switch NoC Interconnect - PS_CPM Switch iPort noc_ps_pci_axi0
OCM_SW_AXI_LPD Switch OCM Switch in LPD - LPD Switch - lpdmain_ocm
PL_ACELITE_FPD Switch ACE_Lite from PL - FPD_SMMU_TBU2 - afifm2m_intfpd
PL_ADDR_FPD Addr Address-only from PL - FPD_SMMU_TBU6 - plat (addr translation)
PL_AXI_FPD Switch AXI from PL - FPD SMMU TBU5 iPort afimf0m_intfpd
PL_AXI_LPD Switch AXI from PL - LPD Switch iPort afifmlpd_intlpd_axi
PMC_APB_CFU_CSR ProgIF PMC Switch ePort CFU_CSR registers - intpmc_cfureg_apb
PMC_APB_EFUSE ProgIF PMC Switch ePort PMC_EFUSE_CTRL - intpmc_efuse_apb
PMC_APB_GLOBAL ProgIF PMC Switch ePort PMC_GLOBAL registers - intpmc_pmcglobalreg_apb
PMC_APB_JTAG ProgIF PMC Switch ePort PMC_JTAG_CSR - pmctap_apb, pmcdap_apb, dapreg_apb
PMC_APB_BBRAM ProgIF PMC Switch ePort PMC_BBRAM_CTRL - intpmc_bbram_apb
PMC_APB_ANLG ProgIF PMC Switch ePort PMC_ANLG   intpmc_pmcanlg_apb
PMC_APB_SBI_CSR ProgIF PMC Switch ePort PMC_SBI_CSR   intpmc_sbireg_apb
PMC_APB_DMA0_CSR ProgIF PMC Switch ePort PMC_DMA0_CSR   intpmc_pmcdma0reg_apb
PMC_APB_DMA1_CSR ProgIF PMC Switch ePort PMC_DMA1_CSR   intpmc_pmcdma1reg_apb
PMC_APB_RAM_CSR ProgIF PMC Switch ePort PPU_RAM_CSR - intpmc_ppu1ram_apb
PMC_APB_PPU_TMR ProgIF PMC Switch ePort PPU_TMR_xxx   intpmb_ppu1tmrtrace_apb
PMC_APB_RAM_CSR ProgIF PMC Switch ePort PMC_RAM_CSR   intpmc_pmcocmcfg_apb
PMC_APB_RTC ProgIF PMC Switch ePort PMC_RTC - intpmc_rtc_apb
PMC_APB_AES ProgIF PMC Switch ePort PMC_AES - intpmc_aes_apb
PMC_APB_ECDSA_RSA ProgIF PMC Switch ePort PMC_ECDSA_RSA   intpmc_ecdsarsa_apb, ecdsarsa_apb
PMC_APB_SHA3 ProgIF PMC Switch ePort PMC_SHA3   intpmc_sha_apb, sha_apb
PMC_APB_TRNG ProgIF PMC Switch ePort PMC_TRNG   intpmc_trng_apb, trng_apb
PMC_APB_SYSMON ProgIF PMC Switch ePort PMC_SYSMON - sysmonroot_apb
PMC_APB_CRP ProgIF PMC Switch ePort CRP registers - intpmc_crp_apb
PMC_APB_INT_CSR ProgIF PMC Switch ePort PMC_INT_CSR   intpmc_confg_apb
PMC_APB_XMPU ProgIF PMC Switch - PMC_XMPU - xmpu_apb, xmpu_firewall_gpv
PMC_APB_XPPU ProgIF PMC Switch - PMC_XPPU - xppu_apb, xppu_firewall_gpv
PMC_APB_NPI_XPPU ProgIF PMC Switch - PMC_NPI_XPPU - xppu_npi_apb, xppu_npi_firewall_gpv
PMC_AXI_CFU_STRM Data PMC Switch ePort CFU_STREAM - intpmc_cfustream_axi
PMC_AXI_IOP Switch PMC Aux Switch ePort PMC_IOP Switch - intpmc_intpmciou_axi, lpdmain_iou
PMC_AXI_LPD Switch PMC Switch ePort LPD Switch iPort pmc_ps_axi0
PMC_AXI_NOC Switch PMC Switch ePort NoC Interconnect - pmc_noc_axi0
PMC_AXI_NPI Config PMC Switch ePort NPI_HOST Controller - intpmc_npi_axi
PMC_AXI_RAM Data PMC Switch ePort PMC RAM Memory - intpmc_pmcocm_axi
PMC_AXI_SBI Data PMC Switch ePort PMC_SBI data port - intpmc_sbi_axi
PMC_MDM_PPU Config PMC Switch ePort PPU_MDM Debug - intpmc_ppu1mdmshd_axi
PPU_AXI_PMC Data PPU Processor - PMC Switch iPort ppu1_intpmc_axi
PS_AXI_CPM Switch PS_CPM Switch ePort CPM Main Switch iPort ps_cpm_pcie_axi
PSM_APB_GLOBAL ProgIF PSM Switch ePort PSM_GLOBAL registers - psm_global_apb
PSM_APB_INT_GPV ProgIF PSM Switch - PSM_INT_GPV - psm_gpv
PSM_APB_MB ProgIF PSM Switch ePort PSM MicroBlaze Registers - psm_apb
PSM_AXI_LPD Switch PSM Switch ePort LPD Switch - intpsm_intlpd_axi
PSM_MDM_MB Confg PSM Switch ePort PSM MicroBlaze Config, Cache - intpsm_mdm
RCU_AXI_PMC Data RCU Processor - PMC Switch iPort ppu0_intpmc_axi
RPU0_AXI_OCM_SW Data RPU 0 Processor - OCM Switch in LPD iPort rpu0_axi, rpu0_intlpd_axi
RPU1_AXI_OCM_SW Data RPU 1 Processor - OCM Switch in LPD iPort rpu1_axi, rpu1_intlpd_axi
SYSMON_AXI_PMC Data PMC SYSMON - PMC Switch iPort sysmonroot_intpmc_axi