CPU Local and Global Memory Map

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The local memory maps for the RPU CPUs include:

  • Local TCM and cache memory map
  • Local interrupt control memory map

The CPUs have direct access to this memory space without a protection unit.

The memory map from the CPU's point of view and a view from system-level processors is shown in the following table.

Table 1. CPU Local and Global Memory Map
Memory Type Size (KB) Dual Processor Mode Lock-Step Mode



Global Map RPU0 Global Map
Local Map Local Map
RPU0 TCM_A 64 0x0000_0000 ~ 0xFFE0_0000 0x0000_0000 0xFFE0_0000
RPU0 TCM_B 64 0x0002_0000 ~ 0xFFE2_0000 0x0002_0000 0xFFE2_0000
RPU0 instruction cache 32 I-Cache ~ 0xFFE4_0000 I-Cache 0xFFE4_0000
RPU0 data cache 32 D-Cache ~ 0xFFE5_0000 D-Cache 0xFFE5_0000
RPU1 TCM_A (RPU0 in lock-step mode) 64 ~ 0x0000_0000 0xFFE9_0000 0x0001_0000 0xFFE1_0000
RPU1 TCM_B (RPU0 in lock-step mode) 64 ~ 0x0002_0000 0xFFEB_0000 0x0003_0000 0xFFE3_0000
RPU1 instruction cache 32 ~ I-Cache 0xFFEC_0000 ~ ~
RPU1 data cache 32 ~ D-Cache 0xFFED_0000 ~ ~