SRC DMA Module Operation

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The SRC DMA module reads data from the memory-mapped sources (AXI4) and writes it to the stream switch. General AXI4 transaction characteristics include:

  • ARSIZE is always = 100b, indicating 128-bit data width.
  • The default ARLEN = 1111b, indicating 16 beats of data. The first and last command can have any ARLEN value ≤16 beats.
  • ARPROT[1] is always = 0, indicating a secure command.
  • ARCACHE[1] is always = 1, indicating upsizing is allowed.
  • ARID is not used by the SRC DMA module because the thread is single.
  • ARBURST defaults to 01b, indicating an INCR burst. There is a register option to change the burst type to FIXED (ARBURST = 00b).

The DMA read transfer begins when the PMC_DMA_SRC_SIZE register is written with a non-zero value.

The address must align to 16 byes and the size must be a multiple of 16 bytes.