Integrated Processor Memory

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The 384 KB PPU RAM memory is used by the platform loader and manager (PLM) firmware code and data structures. The PPU RAM is protected with ECC.

  • 256 KB data
  • 128 KB instruction


The PMC RAM includes 128 KBs of memory protected with ECC used by the PLM to store shared data structures and other purposes.

RPU Tightly-Coupled Memory

The tightly-coupled memory (TCM) provide predictable access latency for software running in the RPU. The TCM is divided into six banks with parallel interconnect to the processors. The TCM banks are described in the Tightly-coupled Memories .

Each RPU core includes 128 KB of tightly-coupled memory (TCM) in three banks per core. Each pair of cores can be configured as two groups for high-performance dual processor mode, or grouped together for high-safety, lock-step mode with twice the memory size (256 KB). All of these memories are ECC protected.

The TCMs are also mapped to the 32-bit address system memory space for accessibility by other transaction hosts.