Device-Level Resets

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The following table lists the device-level reset sources. The table includes the source of the reset, its effects on the hardware, and activity in the reset reason register as described in the Reset Reason Register section.

Table 1. Device-Level Reset Sources
Reset Source Notes Reset Reason Register
POR - External

External POR_B device pin
Critical power supplies

• Resets all logic and registers
• Boot mode pins are sampled
• Causes the external POR boot process in RCU BootROM code

POR - Internal Device-Level


Device-level POR reset; see System Errors



Device-level POR reset

POR - Internal Subsystem-Level

CRP register

PS POR reset -

CRP register

PL POR reset -

CRL register

FPD POR reset -

CRP register

NoC and SoC POR reset -
SRST - System Resets

System error accumulator module (EAM):

Device-level system reset; see System Errors


JTAG TAP register, instruction:


CRP register

Device-level system reset [sw_sys]

CRP register

LPD and FPD system reset -

CRL register

FPD system reset -

CRP register

PL system reset -

CRP register

NoC system reset -

CRP register

NPI system reset -
Debug Resets
Miscellaneous See Debug Resets [dap_sys]