Source DMA Interrupts

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The SRC DMA interrupts in the DMA_SRC_ISR register are summarized in the following table. These interrupts are not used during normal operation, but can provide information for test and debug.

Table 1. OSPI Source DMA Interrupts
Interrupt Bit Description
[MEM_DONE] 0 The DMA has completed current command of all reads of the flash memory
[DONE] 1 DMA has completed a command
[AXI_RDERR] 2 Error reading data from flash controller
[TIMEOUT_STRM] 3 Timeout counter 1 expired; flash controller is stalled
[TIMEOUT_MEM] 4 Timeout counter 2 expired; DMA is stalled
[THRESH_HIT] 5 FIFO watermark hit
[INVALID_APB] 6 APB programming interface address decode error