OSPI Clocks

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The controller receives three clocks from the PMC clock controller. These clocks are programmed by the CRP register module.

  • OSPI_REF_CLK for the controller reference clock
  • PMC_IRO_CLK for the AXI interface
  • PMC_LSBUS_CLK for the ABP programming interface

Clock frequency guidelines are included in the Flash Memory Controller Clock Frequency Requirements section.

IOP Switch Interface Clocks

The APB programming interface is clocked by the PMC_LSBUS_CLK clock. The AXI DMA interface is clocked by the PMC_IRO_CLK clock. These clocks are shared with other functional units.

Reference Clock

The controller logic itself is clocked by the QSPI reference clock, which includes the DLL for the I/O clock. The reference clock is generated by the PMC clock controller using the CRP register set.

  • OSPI_REF_CLK clock frequency is controlled by the CRP OSPI_REF_CTRL register