Xilinx Memory Protection Unit

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The AMD memory protection unit (XMPU) verifies that a transaction is explicitly allowed to access a memory address. The XMPU is a region-based memory protection unit. This section describes the XMPU in detail, including configuration and functionality.

System protection is applied to incoming AXI transaction requests. The transaction is checked for:

  • System management identification (SMID)
  • TrustZone secure or non-secure (NS)
  • Read or write access type

XMPUs are associated with the interconnect. Examples include:

  • PMC_XMPU on IOP flash and CFU
  • OCM_XMPU for the OCM memory
  • FPD_XMPU on destinations
  • DDR memory controllers

Use Case Example

In this system protection use case, the RPU runs a safety application where a certain region of the OCM might be required to be protected and dedicated for use by the RPU. To accomplish these requirements, the following are required:

  • RPU generates secure transactions
  • An XMPU can protect a region of the OCM for exclusive use by the RPU and makes the rest of memory available for use by allowed others