Software Generated Interrupts

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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Each CPU can interrupt itself, the other CPU, or both CPUs within the MPCore using a software generated interrupt (SGI). There are 16 software generated interrupts. An SGI is generated by writing the SGI interrupt number to the enable_sgi_control register and specifying the target CPUs. This write occurs through the CPU's own private bus. Each CPU has its own set of SGI registers to generate one or more of the 16 software generated interrupts. The interrupts are cleared by reading the interrupt acknowledge ICCIAR register or writing to the corresponding bits of the interrupt clear-pending ICDICPR_SGI register.

All SGIs are edge triggered. The sensitivity types for SGIs are fixed and cannot be changed. The control register is read-only, because it specifies the sensitivity types of all the 16 SGIs.