Power Domain State Requirements

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The PMC power is always required. General rules include:

  • PMC is required to operate the device
  • SPD is required for the PL and to boot SSI technology devices
  • LPD is required for the FPD
  • CPM, when present:
    • CPM4: PL and LPD are required
    • CPM5: LPD is required

See the Versal Adaptive SoC PCB Design User Guide (UG863) for more information.

PL and PS-centric modes:

  • PMC and PL
  • PMC and LPD
  • PMC, LPD, FPD, and PL
Note: The PL power domain includes the AI Engine and CPM4, if they are present.

There are restrictions regarding EMIO signals.

  • LPD is required for PMC EMIO signals

Common power modes are listed in Power Modes. For SSI technology devices, see the Package Integration chapter.