Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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1.6 English

Most all system interrupts are active-High, level-sensitive except:

  • GEM wake on LAN (WOL) interrupt (rising clock, edge sensitive)
  • PL interrupts (rising clock, edge sensitive)

PL Interrupt Pulse Width

The 16 interrupts from the PL are rising clock, edge sensitive. The minimum pulse must provide a width that is large enough for the GICs to catch. The pulse width must be at least two clock periods of the interrupt controller.

  • PL_PS_Group0_[0:7] to LPD (RPU GIC)
  • PL_PS_Group1_[0:7] to FPD (APU GIC)

Shorter interrupt pulse widths might not be detected. Avoid glitches and interrupt widths shorter than two GIC clock periods. The GICs are often driven with a 100 MHz clock frequency.