Control and Status Registers

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The following table lists the control and status registers.

Note: These registers are defined with multiple data widths. However, all registers are accessed as 32-bit read/write transfers with addresses aligned on a 32-bit address boundary.
Table 1. SD_eMMC Control and Status Registers
Register Name Width Offset Address Access Type Description
Configuration and Control
PRESENT_STATE 32 0x024 R Current status of signals and states
HOST_CTRL1 8 0x028 RW

Program DMA modes, LED control, data transfer width, high-speed enable, card detect test level, and signal selection

HOST_CTRL2 16 0x03E RW Program UHS select mode, driver strength, execute tuning, sampling clock select, asynchronous interrupt enable, and preset value enable
POWER_CTRL 8 0x029 RW Program SD bus power and voltage level
BLOCK_GAP_CTRL 8 0x02A RW, WTC Program block gap request, read wait control, and interrupt at block gap
WAKE_UP_CTRL 8 0x02B RW Program wake-up functionality
TIMEOUT_CTRL 8 0x02E RW Data timeout counter value
Controller Reset
SW_RST 8 0x02F Clear on write Program software reset for data, command, and for all
Controller Version and Capabilities
CAPS 64 0x040 R SD and eMMC controller implementation definitions
VERSION 16 0x05E R Controller version
Boot Timeout Counter
BOOT_TIMEOUT_CNT 16 0x070 RW Program the boot timeout value counter