Slave Interrupt Handler

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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Table 1. I2C Slave Interrupt Handler
Task Register Register Field Bits Operation
Read interrupt status register ISR, 0x10 All 9:0 Read operation
Write the status back to clear the interrupts so no events are missed while processing this interrupt.
Write back interrupt status register ISR, 0x10 All 9:0 Clear bits detected as set
Get the enabled interrupts (imr) IMR, 0x20 All 9:0 Read operation
Use the mask register AND with the interrupt status register so disabled interrupts are not processed (~(imr) and IntrStatusReg).

Data interrupt (if interrupt status register and data):

  • Master wants to perform more data transfers.
  • Check for completion of transfer; signal upper layer if done.

For sending transmit FIFO fill (see Transmit FIFO Fill).

Else receive slave data (see Slave Receive).