Flash Memory Controllers

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The three flash memory controllers are located in the PMC. Their I/O signals are routed to device pins via the PMC MIO multiplexer. Only the SD/eMMC controller I/O signals can be routed to the PL EMIO, but this route requires the LPD to be powered up.

Each of the flash memories can be a primary boot device on PMC MIO as described in Boot Modes and Interfaces.

OSPI and QSPI Restriction

The OSPI and QSPI are mutually exclusive; only one of the controllers can be used in a system. The selection is done using PMC_IOP_SLCR registers. Program the PMC_IOP_SLCR.MIO_PIN_[0:12] registers to define the I/O pin connections for these controllers.