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Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The Arm documents are grouped as follows:

  • Cortex®-A72 MPCore and GIC
  • CoreSight™ Debug
  • Cortex®-R5F MPCore and GIC

Cortex-A72 MPCore and GIC

The Cortex-A72 and generic interrupt controller (GIC) documents include:

  • Cortex-A72 MPCore Processor Technical Reference Manual, 100095
  • Cortex-A72 MPCore Processor Cryptography Extension, 100097-0002004
  • Architecture Reference Manual, DDI-0487C.a
  • CoreLink GIC-500 Generic Interrupt Controller Technical Reference Manual, DDI00516E
  • Generic Interrupt Controller Architecture Specification, IHI-0069D

CoreSight Debug

The CoreSight debug documents include:

  • CoreSight Architecture Specification v2.0, IHI-0029D
  • Debug Interface Architecture Specification, IHI-0031C
  • Embedded Trace Macrocell Architecture Spec, IHI-0064D
  • CoreSight ELA-500 Embedded Logic Analyzer, 100127_0202_00
  • CoreSight SoC-400 Technical Reference Manual, 100536_0302_01
  • CoreSight SoC-400 User Guide, 100490_0302_01
  • CoreSight Trace Memory Controller, DDI-0461B
  • STM-500 System Trace Macrocell Technical Reference Manual, DDI-0528B
  • System Trace Macrocell Programmers' Model Architecture Spec, IHI-0054B

Cortex-R5 MPCore and GIC

  • Cortex-R5F Technical Reference Manual, DDI-0460D, revision r1p2
  • PrimeCell Generic Interrupt Controller (PL390) Technical Reference Manual, DDI-0416B, revision r0p0