Interrupt Injection Mechanism

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The RPU implements an interrupt injection function to inject interrupts into the generic interrupt controller’s shared peripheral interrupts (SPI). The RPU GIC has 160 SPIs. Software can inject an interrupt on each of the over 150 interrupt lines using this mechanism. The SPIs are divided into five, 32-bit APB registers. The RPU implements an interrupt register and an interrupt mask register. The logic in the following figure is replicated on each interrupt going to the SPI of the RPU’s GIC. If the interrupt mask corresponding to the interrupt is set in the RPU_INTR_MASK register, the RPU passes the APB register version of the interrupt to the GIC.

Figure 1. Interrupt Injection

The following table lists the mapping of the SPI bits.

Table 1. SPI Map to RPU Interrupt and RPU Interrupt Mask Registers
SPI RPU Interrupt Register RPU Interrupt Mask Register
SPI<31:0> RPU_INTR_0<31:0> RPU_INTR_MASK_0<31:0>
SPI<63:32> RPU_INTR_1<31:0> RPU_INTR_MASK_1<31:0>
SPI<95:64> RPU_INTR_2<31:0> RPU_INTR_MASK_2<31:0>
SPI<127:96> RPU_INTR_3<31:0> RPU_INTR_MASK_3<31:0>
SPI<159:128> RPU_INTR_4<31:0> RPU_INTR_MASK_4<31:0>