Error Accumulator Modules

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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Each system error is routed to one of the two error accumulator modules (EAM). In the EAM, the system error is latched into one of the EAM status registers. The system error status registers are sticky. They are cleared by software writing a 1 to the register bit or by a POR reset. From the status register, each system error is presented to multiple mask registers. Any system error can assert any of the EAM output signals:

  • PMC EAM output signals:
    • Internal POR
    • System reset, SRST
    • ERROR_OUT pin state
    • PLM firmware IRQ interrupt handler running on the PPU processor
  • PSM EAM output signals to PSM processor:
    • PSM firmware IRQ handler (general)
    • PSM firmware IRQ handler (correctable)
    • PSM firmware IRQ handler (uncorrectable)

In addition to each status register output being routed to its mask registers, the status register outputs are also routed to the PL. The status register outputs from the PMC EAM (and only the PMC EAM) are routed to the JTAG ERROR_STATUS register.

Figure 1. Error Accumulator Module