Register Reference and Address Map

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The IPI address space is protected by the LPD_XPPU. Apertures 048 through 063 are used to validate software accesses to the IPI address space.

Note: This table points to the Versal Adaptive SoC Register Reference (AM012).
Table 1. IPI Address Map
Offset Address Range Register Table Protection Notes
Control and Configuration Registers
0x30_0000 Control Registers LPD_XPPU and LOCK register  
Interrupt Registers: Trigger, status, observation, and mask


Agent Interrupt Registers   Only the first 32 bytes of address space are used
0x3C_0000 Reserved    
Message Buffers: Request and response
0x3F_0000 Message Buffer IPI 4 KB of address space: 128 message buffers (32 bytes each)