Interrupt Prioritization

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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All of the SGI and SPI interrupt requests are assigned a unique ID number. The controller uses the ID number to arbitrate. The interrupt distributor holds the list of pending interrupts for each CPU and then selects the highest priority interrupt before issuing it to the CPU interface. Interrupts of equal priority are resolved by selecting the lowest ID.

The prioritization logic is physically duplicated to enable the simultaneous selection of the highest priority interrupt for each CPU. The interrupt distributor holds the central list of interrupts, processors, and activation information, and is responsible for triggering software interrupts to the CPUs.

SGI distributor registers are banked to provide a separate copy for each CPU. The interrupt controller ensures that an interrupt targeting more than one CPU can only be handled by one CPU at a time.

The interrupt distributor transmits the highest pending interrupt to the CPU interface. It then receives information that the interrupt is acknowledged, and can then change the status of the corresponding interrupt. Only the CPU that acknowledges the interrupt can respond and process it.