Destination DMA Interrupts

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The DST DMA interrupts in the DMA_DST_ISR register are summarized in the following table. The status bits show the raw (before the mask) interrupt event. Each interrupt is cleared by writing a 1 to the bit (W1C).

Table 1. OSPI DST DMA Interrupts
Interrupt Bit Description
[DONE] 1 DMA is done and all data is sent; BRESP received
[AXI_BRESP_ERR] 2 DMA write generated a BRESP error on AXI
[TIMEOUT_STRM] 3 Timeout counter 2 expired; data from SRC DMA stalled
[TIMEOUT_MEM] 4 Timeout counter 1 expired; AXI interface stalled
[THRESH_HIT] 5 FIFO reached threshold limit
[INVALID_APB] 6 APB programming interface address decode error
[FIFO_OVERFLOW] 7 FIFO overflow detected