Network on Chip Interconnect

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The network on chip (NoC) interconnect spans the entire device to enable most any processor or DMA unit to potentially reach most any destination. The global address maps are based on the NoC interconnect.

The configurable NoC is an AXI4-based network to route high-bandwidth, real-time, and low-latency connections. The NoC extends in both horizontal and vertical directions to the edges of the device. The multichannel structures provide several options for routing and isolating traffic. The NoC is a full blocking crossbar between memory controllers, programmable logic, processing system, integrated hardware, integrated peripherals, and the platform management controller.

NoC connections include:

  • DDR memory controller ports
  • PL to PL connections
  • Memory mapped access to integrated hardware and peripherals
  • Connecting between PS and PL

In devices built using stacked silicon interconnect (SSI) technology, the vertical NoC columns connect between adjacent super logic regions (SLRs), which allows device configuration data to travel between SLRs.

NoC functionality is described in the Versal Adaptive SoC Programmable Network on Chip and Integrated Memory Controller LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG313).