I/O Clock Frequency Control Sequence

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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1.6 English

The programming sequence is as follows using the CLK_CTRL register.

  1. Disable the clock by clearing [IntClkEn, 0] to 0 and [SDClkEn, 2] to 0.
  2. Set the clock divisor value using [SDClkFreqDiv_U] and [SDClkFreqDiv_L] and set the [IntClkEn, 0] bit to a 1.
    Note: The internal clock enable register value [IntClkEn, 0] needs to be cleared to 0 for at least one SD_CLK cycle whenever the clock frequency is changed. This can be timed using the CPU clock or timer.
  3. Read the [IntClkStable, 1] bit until it reads a 1, which means the internal clock is stabilized.
  4. Enable the SD clock by setting [SDClkEn, 2] to 1.