CFU Programming Interface

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The PL adaptable hardware, fabric connections, clocks, and other integrated hardware are programmed using the configuration frame unit (CFU). The software programming interface to the CFU is defined by the CFU_CSR register set. The CFU receives data files and generates configuration frames (CFRAME). These packets are transmitted to the PL hardware on the internal configuration frame interface (CFI). This programs the integrated hardware, clocking structures, I/O, and peripherals in the PL.

The PL building blocks are listed in Programmable Logic Overview with references to related documents.

Generally, the CFU programming is managed by the PMC PLM from the user PDI and no additional user management is required to configure the PL. For specific advanced use cases, the configuration and reconfiguration of the PL is done by the Dynamic Function eXchangesoftware functionality.