struct XRFdc_Config - 2.6 English

Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC RF Data Converter v2.6 Gen 1/2/3/DFE LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG269)

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2.6 English

This structure is for internal driver use (metal_phys_addr_t represents unsigned long).

u32 DeviceId;
metal_phys_addr_t BaseAddr;
u32 ADCType;
u32 MasterADCTile;
u32 MasterDACTile;
u32 ADCSysRefSource;
u32 DACSysRefSource;
XRFdc_DACTile_Config DACTile_Config[4];
XRFdc_ADCTile_Config ADCTile_Config[4];


u32 ADCType
Quad RF-ADC part or Dual RF-ADC part.
u32 MasterADCTile
Corresponds to the C_ADC_Master IP parameter.
u32 MasterDACTile
Corresponds to the C_DAC_Master IP parameter.
u32 ADCSysRefSource
Corresponds to the C_ADC_Sysref_Source IP parameter.
u32 DACSysRefSource
Corresponds to the C_DAC_Sysref_Source IP parameter.