XRFdc_SetCalibrationMode - 2.6 English

Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC RF Data Converter v2.6 Gen 1/2/3/DFE LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG269)

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2.6 English

Function Prototype

u32 XRFdc_SetCalibrationMode(XRFdc *InstancePtr, u32 Tile_Id, u32 Block_Id, u8 CalibrationMode);


XRFdc *InstancePtr
Pointer to the driver instance.
u32 Tile_Id
RF-ADC tile number. Valid values are 0-3.
u32 Block_Id
RF-ADC number. Valid values are 0-3.
u8 CalibrationMode
Valid values are 0 (AutoCal), 1 (Mode1) and 2 (Mode2).


This API function sets the calibration mode for the RF-ADC. After calling this API, you have to restart the entire tile for the new calibration mode to operate correctly.

Note: This API function is used only for the RF-ADCs. After changing the calibration mode of a slice, the command Xrfdc_CustomStartup with StartState and EndState set to XRFDC_STATE_CAL and XRFDC_STATE_FULL respectively can be issued to rerun the foreground calibration.

Return Value