RF-ADC - 2.6 English

Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC RF Data Converter v2.6 Gen 1/2/3/DFE LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG269)

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2.6 English
Enable Real Time Ports
Enables the RF-ADC Over Threshold, Over Voltage, Over Range and pl_event ports.
Enable Cal Freeze Ports
Enables the calibration freeze logic. Calibration is frozen when the analog input is over voltage or the relevant int_cal_freeze input is asserted.
Auto Cal Freeze
If this option is selected, the calibration is frozen when the analog input is over range, in addition to the manual calibration freeze process.
Enable Real Time NCO Ports
The frequency and phase of the mixer NCO in the DDC can be modified in real time. Selecting this option enables the real time NCO interface for the RF-ADC. The operation of this interface is described in NCO Frequency Hopping.
Enable Real Time Digital Step Attenuation Ports (Gen 3/DFE)
If this option is selected the digital step attenuator settings can be varied via the real-time DSA signal interface.
Variable Fabric Width (Gen 1/Gen 2)
This option should be enabled if a Gen 1 or Gen 2 design is configured to use multi-tile sync and it is intended to vary the fabric width via the driver.