Hard FEC Wrapper Example Design - 8.11 English

CPRI LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG056)

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8.11 English

This Figure illustrates the example design that is generated when the Hard FEC Wrapper option is selected in the CPRI GUI.

Figure 6-5: Example Design showing CPRI Hard FEC Wrapper

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The CPRI Hard FEC Wrapper example design includes logic for Reed-Solomon encoded, PN-5280 scrambled data generation and monitoring.

fec_data_gen.vhd : Data generator. This block outputs 64b66b encoded data to the receive interface.

fec_data_upd.vhd : This block provides functionality to generate the data fed by fec_data_gen to the CPRI Hard FEC wrapper.

fec_data_chk.vhd : Data monitor. This block checks the received 64b66b data. Error indication is provided by a locked flag.

<component_name>_fc32_rs_fec.v : A Reed-Solomon Forward Error Correction (RS-FEC) block, used to encode and scramble the data forwarded to the CPRI core.