VHDL Constructs Support Status - 2024.1 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Synthesis (UG901)

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2024.1 English

Vivado synthesis supports VHDL design entities and configurations except as noted in the following table.

Table 1. VHDL Constructs and Support Status
VHDL Construct Support Status
VHDL Entity Headers
Generics Supported
Ports Supported, including unconstrained ports
Entity Statement Part Unsupported
VHDL Packages Supported
VHDL Physical Types
TIME Supported, but only in functions for constant calculations.
REAL Supported, but only in functions for constant calculations.
VHDL Modes
Linkage Unsupported
VHDL Declarations

Supported for the following:

  • Enumerated types
  • Types with positive range having constant bounds
  • Bit vector types
  • Multi-dimensional arrays
VHDL Objects
Constant Declaration Supported except for deferred constant
Signal Declaration Supported except for register and bus type signals.
Attribute Declaration Supported for some attributes, otherwise skipped.
VHDL Specifications
HIGHLOW upported
LEFT Supported
RIGHT Supported
RANGE Supported
LENGTH Supported
POS Supported

Supported only with the all clause for instances list.

• If no clause is added, Vivado synthesis looks for the entity or architecture compiled in the default library.

Disconnection Unsupported
Underscores Object names can contain underscores in general (DATA_1), but Vivado synthesis does not allow signal names with leading underscores ( _DATA_1).
VHDL Operators
Logical Operators: and, or, nand, nor, xor, xnor, not Supported
Relational Operators: =, /=, <, <=, >, >= Supported
& (concatenation) Supported
Adding Operators: +, - Supported
* Supported
/ Supported if the right operand is a constant power of 2, or if both operands are constant.
Rem Supported if the right operand is a constant power of 2.
Mod Supported if the right operand is a constant power of 2.
Shift Operators: sll, srl, sla, sra, rol, ror Supported
Abs Supported
** Supported if the left operand is 2.
Sign: +, - Supported
VHDL Operands
Abstract Literals Only integer literals are supported.
Physical Literals Ignored
Enumeration Literals Supported
String Literals Supported
Bit String Literals Supported
Record Aggregates Supported
Array Aggregates Supported
Function Call Supported
Qualified Expressions Supported for accepted predefined attributes.
Types Conversions Supported
Allocators Unsupported
Static Expressions Supported
Wait Statement

Wait on sensitivity_list until boolean_expression .

See VHDL Combinatorial Circuits .

Supported with one signal in the sensitivity list and in the boolean expression.

Multiple wait statements are not supported.

wait statements for Latch descriptions are not supported.

Wait for time_expression .

See VHDL Combinatorial Circuits .

Assertion Statement Supported for static conditions only.
Signal Assignment Statement


Delay is ignored.

Variable Assignment Statement Supported
Procedure Call Statement Supported
If Statement Supported
Case Statement Supported
Loop Statements
Next Statements Supported
Exit Statements Supported
Return Statements Supported
Null Statements Supported
Concurrent Statements
Process Statement Supported
Concurrent Procedure Call Supported
Concurrent Assertion Statements Ignored
Concurrent Signal Assignments

Supported, except after clause, transport or guarded options, or waveforms.

UNAFFECTED is supported.

Component Instantiation Statements Supported
for-generate Statement supported for constant bounds only
if-generate Statement supported for static condition only