Verilog Constructs - 2024.1 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Synthesis (UG901)

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2024.1 English

The following table lists the support status of Verilog constructs in Vivado synthesis.

Table 1. Verilog Constructs
Verilog Constants Support Status
Integer Supported
Real Supported
String Unsupported
Verilog Data Types
Net types:
  • tri0
  • tri1
  • trireg
  • wand
  • wor
All Drive strengths Ignored
Real and realtime registers Unsupported
All Named events Unsupported
Delay Ignored
Verilog Procedural Assignments
assign Supported with limitations. See Using assign and deassign Statements.
deassign Supported with limitations. See Using assign and deassign Statements.
force Unsupported
release Unsupported
forever statements Unsupported
repeat statements Supported, but repeat value must be constant
for statements Supported, but bounds must be static
delay (#) Ignored
event (@) Unsupported
wait Unsupported
named events Unsupported
parallel blocks Unsupported
specify blocks Ignored
disable Supported
Verilog Design Hierarchies
module definition Supported
macromodule definition Unsupported
hierarchical names Supported 1
defparam Supported
array of instances Supported
configurations Supported
Verilog Compiler Directives
`celldefine `endcelldefine Ignored
`default_nettype Supported
`define Supported
`ifdef `else `endif Supported
`undef, `ifndef, `elsif Supported
`include Supported
`resetall Ignored
`timescale Ignored



`uselib Unsupported
`file, `line Supported
  1. The processing for hierarchical names is done post-elaboration. Because of this, the connections are not seen in the elaborated view. They only start appearing in the post-synthesis view.