UltraRAM Coding Templates - 2024.1 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Synthesis (UG901)

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2024.1 English

UltraRAM is described in "Chapter 2, UltraRAM Resources" of the UltraScale Architecture Memory Resources User Guide (UG573) as follows:

UltraRAM is a single-clocked, two port, synchronous memory available in AMD UltraScale+™ devices. Because UltraRAM is compatible with the columnar architecture, multiple UltraRAMs can be instantiated and directly cascaded in an UltraRAM column for the entire height of the device. A column in a single clock region contains 16 UltraRAM blocks. Devices with UltraRAM include multiple UltraRAM columns distributed in the device. Most of the devices in the UltraScale+ family include UltraRAM blocks. For the available quantity of UltraRAM in specific device families, see the UltraScale Architecture and Product Data Sheet: Overview (DS890).

The following files are included in the Coding Examples:

  • xilinx_ultraram_single_port_no_change.v
  • xilinx_ultraram_single_port_no_change.vhd
  • xilinx_ultraram_single_port_read_first.v
  • xilinx_ultraram_single_port_read_first.vhd
  • xilinx_ultraram_single_port_write_first.v
  • xilinx_ultraram_single_port_write_first.vhd

The Vivado tool includes templates of UltraRAM VHDL and Verilog code. The following figure shows the template files.

Figure 1. UltraRAM Coding Templates

See the UltraScale Architecture Memory Resources User Guide (UG573) for more information.