Verilog Reserved Keywords - 2024.1 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Synthesis (UG901)

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2024.1 English

The following table lists the reserved keywords. Keywords marked with an asterisk (*) are reserved by Verilog and are not supported by Vivado synthesis.

Table 1. Verilog Reserved Keywords
always and assign automatic
begin buf bufif0 bufif1
case casex casez cell*
cmos config* deassign default
defparam design* disable edge
else end endcase endconfig*
endfunction endgenerate endmodule endprimitive
endspecify endtable endtask event
for force forever fork
function generate genvar highz0
highz1 if ifnone incdir*
include* initial inout input
instance* integer join larger
liblist* library* localparam macromodule
medium module nand negedge
nmos nor noshow-cancelled* not
notif0 notif1 or output
parameter pmos posedge primitive
pull0 pull1 pullup* pulldown*
pulsestyle_ondetect* pulsestyle_onevent* rcmos real
realtime reg release repeat
rnmos rpmos rtran rtranif0
rtranif1 scalared show-cancelled* signed
small specify specpa strong0
strong1 supply0 supply1 table
task time tran tranif0
tranif1 tri tri0 tri1
triand trior trireg use*
vectored wait wand weak0
weak1 while wire wor
xnor xor