Command Signals - 1.0 English

Versal Adaptive SoC Integrated Block for PCI Express LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG343)

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1.0 English
Table 1. Command Signals
Name I/O Width Description
phy_txdetectrx O 1 Tells the PHY to perform receiver detection when this signal is High and POWERDOWN is in P1 low power state. Receiver detection is complete when phystatus asserts for one pclk cycle. The status of receiver detection is indicated in rxstatus when phystatus is High for one pclk cycle.
  • rxstatus = 000b: Receiver not present
  • rxstatus = 001b: Receiver present
phy_txelecidle O 1 Forces the tx[p/n] to electrical idle when this signal is High. During electrical idle, tx[p/n] are driven to the DC common mode voltage. Per lane.
phy_txcompliance O 1 Sets the running disparity to negative when this signal is logic High. Used when transmitting the PCIe compliance pattern. Per lane.
phy_rxpolarity O 1 Requests the PHY to perform polarity inversion on the received data when this signal is High. Per lane.
phy_powerdown[1:0] O 2 Requests PHY to enter power saving state or return to normal power state. Power management is complete when PHYSTATUS asserts for one PCLK cycle.
  • 00b: P0, normal operation.
  • 01b: P0s, power saving state with low recovery time latency.
  • 10b: P1, power saving state with longer recovery time latency.
  • 11b: P2, lowest power state.
P2 is not supported.
phy_rate[1:0] O 2 Requests the PHY to perform a dynamic rate change. Rate change is complete when PHYSTATUS asserts for one PCLK cycle. rxvalid, rxdata, and rxstatus must be ignored while the PHY is in rate change.
  • 00b: Gen1
  • 01b: Gen2
  • 10b: Gen3
In the simulation mode (PHY_SIM_EN = TRUE), PHY status assertion takes about 45 μs for Gen3 speed change.