APB3 Interface - 1.0 English

Versal Adaptive SoC Integrated Block for PCI Express LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG343)

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1.0 English

The APB3 (Advanced Peripheral Bus) interface is similar to the DRP interface in previous generations of the programmable logic integrated block for PCIe in earlier architectures.

Note: The APB3 interface is not supported for simulation.
Table 1. APB3 Interface Port Descriptions
Port I/O Width Description
apb3_clk I 1 APB3 Clock. The rising edge of PCLK times all transfers on the APB.



APB3 Address. This is the APB address bus (DWORD (32-bit) addresses). It is 9-bit wide and is driven by the peripheral bus bridge unit.
apb3_penable I 1 APB3 Enable. This signal indicates the second and subsequent cycles of an APB transfer.
apb3_pwdata I 32 APB3 Write Data. This bus is driven by the peripheral bus bridge unit during write cycles when PWRITE is HIGH. This bus can be up to 32 bits wide.
apb3_pwrite I 1 APB3 Direction. This signal indicates an APB write access when HIGH and an APB read access when LOW.
apb3_psel I 1 APB3 Select. The APB bridge unit generates this signal to each peripheral bus slave. It indicates that the slave device is selected and that a data transfer is required.
apb3_prdata O 32 APB3 Read Data. The selected slave drives this bus during read cycles when

PWRITE is LOW. This bus can be up to 32-bits wide.

apb3_pready O 1 APB3 Ready. The slave uses this signal to extend an APB transfer.
apb3_pslverr O 1 APB3 Slave Error. This signal indicates a transfer failure.
apb3_presetn I 1 APB3 Reset This signal indicates an APB reset