Configurator File Structure - 1.0 English

Versal Adaptive SoC Integrated Block for PCI Express LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG343)

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1.0 English

The following table defines the Configurator example design file structure.

Table 1. Example Design File Structure
File Description
xilinx_pcie4_uscale_rp.v Top-level wrapper file for Configurator example design
cgator_wrapper.v Wrapper for Configurator and Root Port
cgator.v Wrapper for Configurator sub-blocks
cgator_cpl_decoder.v Completion decoder
cgator_pkt_generator.v Configuration TLP generator
cgator_tx_mux.v Transmit AXI4-Stream muxing logic
cgator_gen2_enabler.v 5.0 Gb/s directed speed change module
cgator_controller.v Configurator transmit engine Configurator ROM file
pio_master.v Wrapper for PIO Master
pio_master_controller.v TX and RX Engine for PIO Master
pio_master_checker.v Checks incoming User-Application Completion TLPs
pio_master_pkt_generator.v Generates User-Application TLPs

The hierarchy of the Configurator example design is:


  • cgator_wrapper
    • pcie_uscale_core_top(in the source directory): This directory contains all the source files for the core in Root Port Configuration.
    • cgator
      • cgator_cpl_decoder
      • cgator_pkt_generator
      • cgator_tx_mux
      • cgator_gen2_enabler
      • cgator_controller: This directory contains <> (specified by ROM_FILE).
  • pio_master
    • pio_master_controller
    • pio_master_checker
    • pio_master_pkt_generator
Note: is the default name of the ROM data file. You can override this by changing the value of the ROM_FILE parameter.