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Vivado Design Suite Properties Reference Guide (UG912)

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2024.1 English

This property lets you create a custom IP catalog for use with the Vivado Design Suite.

The IP_REPO_PATHS property defines the path to one or more directories containing third-party or user-defined IP. The specified directories, and any sub-directories, are searched for IP definitions to add to the Vivado Design Suite IP catalog for use in design entry or with the IP integrator. The property is assigned to the current fileset of the current project.

Tip: To configure the Vivado Design Suite to assign the IP_REPO_PATHS property to each new project as it is created, you can use the Tools > Settings command in the Vivado IDE to set the default IP Repository Search Paths under the IP Defaults page. The default IP repository search path is stored in the vivado.ini file, and added to new projects using the IP_REPO_PATHS property.

The IP_REPO_PATHS looks for a <component>.xml file, where <component> is the name of the IP to add to the catalog. The XML file identifies the various files that define the IP. The IP_REPO_PATHS property does not have to point directly at the XML file for each IP in the repository. The IP catalog searches through the sub-folders of the specified IP repositories, looking for IP to add to the catalog.

Important: You must use the update_ip_catalog command after setting the IP_REPO_PATHS property to have the new IP repository directories added to the IP catalog.

If the third-party or user-defined IP in the repository supports the product family of the device in use in the current project or design, the IP is added to the catalog as compatible IP. If the IP compatibility does not include the target part, the IP is not compatible with the current project or design and might not be visible in the IP catalog. Refer to the Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Designing with IP (UG896) for more information.

Architecture Support
Applicable Objects
<dir_name> : Specify one or more directory names where user-defined IP are stored. Directory names can be specified as relative or absolute, should be separated, or delimited by a space, and should be enclosed in braces, {}, or quotes, “”.


Verilog Syntax

Not applicable

VHDL Syntax

Not applicable

XDC Syntax
set_property IP_REPO_PATHS {<ip_directories>} [current_fileset]

Where <ip_directories> specifies one or more directories containing third-party or user-defined packaged IP definitions.

XDC Syntax Example:

set_property IP_REPO_PATHS {c:/Data/Designs C:/myIP} [current_fileset] update_ip_catalog

Affected Steps

  • Design Entry