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Vivado Design Suite Properties Reference Guide (UG912)

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The hardware target, hw_target, is a system board containing a JTAG chain of one or more AMD FPGA devices that you can program with a bitstream file, or use to debug your design. Connections between hardware targets on the system board and the Vivado Design Suite are managed by a hardware server object, hw_server.

Use the open_hw_target command to open a connection to one of the available hardware targets. The open target is automatically defined as the current hardware target. The Vivado logic analyzer directs programming and debug commands to FPGA objects, hw_device, on the open target through the hw_server connection.

You can also open the hw_target using the -jtag_mode option of the open_hw_target command, to put the target into JTAG test mode to access the Instruction Register (IR) and Data Registers (DR) of the device or devices on the target. When the target is opened in JTAG mode, a hw_jtag object is created in the Hardware Manager feature of the Vivado Design Suite, providing access to the JTAG TAP controller.

Refer to Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Programming and Debugging (UG908) for a list of supported JTAG download cables and devices.

Related Objects

Figure 1. Hardware Target Objects

Hardware targets are associated with hardware servers, and can be queried as objects of the hw_server object:

get_hw_target -of [get_hw_servers]

In addition, you can query the hardware devices associated with a hardware target:

get_hw_devices -of [current_hw_target]

When the target is opened in JTAG mode you can access the hw_jtag object created through the HW_JTAG property on the target:

get_property HW_JTAG [current_hw_target]


You can use the report_property command to report the properties assigned to a hw_target object. Refer to the Vivado Design Suite Tcl Command Reference Guide (UG835) for more information. The properties assigned to the hw_target object include the following, with example values:

Property	Type	Read-only	Visible	Value
CLASS	string	true	true	hw_target
DEVICE_COUNT	int	true	true	1
HW_JTAG	hw_jtag	true	true	
IS_OPENED	bool	true	true	1
NAME	string	true	true	
PARAM.DEVICE	string	true	true	jsn-JTAG-SMT1-210203327463A
PARAM.FREQUENCY	enum	true	true	15000000
PARAM.TYPE	string	true	true	xilinx_tcf
TID	string	true	true	jsn-JTAG-SMT1-210203327463A
UID	string	true	true	Digilent/210203327463A

To report the properties for a hw_target, you can copy and paste the following command into the Vivado Design Suite Tcl shell or Tcl Console:

report_property -all [get_hw_targets]