Forward kernel - 2024.1 English

Vitis Libraries

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2024.1 English
make run TARGET=sw_emu/hw_emu

The above command tests and verifies forward kernel via Vitis software-emulation or hardware-emulation. Once the emulations are passed, you can use the following command to build FPGA bitstream and launch the kernel on AMD Alveo™ U280 FPGA.

make build TARGET=hw
make run TARGET=hw

The parameters listed in the following table can be configured with make command. Notice that RTM_time must be multiple of RTM_numFSMs.

Table 154 Parameters with make command
Parameter Default Value Notes
RTM_maxDim 1282 Compile time: One dimmention limit
RTM_NXB 40 Compile time: Boundary width
RTM_NZB 40 Compile time: Boundary height
NUM_numFSMs 2 Compile time: module
RTM_nPE 4 Compile time: No.PE
RTM_order 8 Compile time: Spatial Order
RTM_height 10 Running time: Image total height
RTM_width 10 Running time: Image total widht
RTM_time 10 Running time: No.time