2020.2 - 2024.1 English

Vitis Libraries

Release Date
2024.1 English

The following is the 2020.2 release notes.

  • LIBZ Library Acceleration using U50
    • Achieved seamless acceleration of libz standard APIs (deflate, compress2, and uncompress).
    • Ready to use libz.so library to accelerate any host code without any code change.
    • Provided an xzlib standalone executable for for both gzip/zlib compress and decompress.
  • New ZSTD Decompression
    Facebook ZSTD decompression implemented.
  • New Snappy Dual Core Kernel
    Google snappy Dual Core Decompression to get 2x the throughput for a single file decompress.
  • New GZIP Compress Kernel
    Implemented a new GZIP Quad Core Compress Kernel (in build, LZ77, TreeGen, and Huffman encoder). Reduced the overall resource >20% and reduced 50% DDR bandwidth requirement.
  • New GZIP Compress Streaming Kernel
    Implemented fully standard compliance GZIP (include header & footer) streaming free running kernels.
  • GZIP/ZLIB L3 Application on U50
    Provided GZIP/ZLIB Application in L3, optimized for the Alveo U50 (HBM) and U250. A single xclbin supports both zlib & gzip format for compress and uncompress.
  • Porting Library to U50
    Most of Library functions (LZ4, Snappy, GZIP, ZLIB) ported to the Alveo U50 platform.
  • Low Latency GZIP/ZLIB Decompress
    Reduced Decompression initial latency from 5K to 2.5K (latency improvement for for small block size 4 KB/8 KB/16 KB).