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Versal Adaptive SoC CPM Mode for PCI Express Product Guide (PG346)

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3.4 English

The Integrated Block for PCIe with DMA and CCIX and Vivado tool flow support implementations targeting AMD reference boards and specific part/package combinations.

Tandem Configuration is available as a production solution for monolithic Versal devices, but only those with CPM resources. Tandem Configuration supports the devices described in the following table:

Table 1. Tandem Configuration Supported Devices
Device Description
Series Part CPM Type Support Level
Versal AI Core VC1502 CPM4 Production
VC1702 CPM4 Production
VC1802 CPM4 Production
VC1902 CPM4 Production
VC2602 CPM5 Production
VC2802 CPM5 Production
Versal AI Edge VE1752 CPM4 Production
VE2002 None Unsupported
VE2102 None Unsupported
VE2202 None Unsupported
VE2302 None Unsupported
VE2602 CPM5 Production
VE2802 CPM5 Production
Versal Prime VM1102 None Unsupported
VM1302 CPM4 Production
VM1402 CPM4 Production
VM1502 CPM4 Production
VM1802 CPM4 Production
VM2202 CPM5 Production
VM2302 None Unsupported
VM2502 CPM5 Production
VM2902 None Unsupported
Versal Premium VP1002 CPM4 Production
VP1052 CPM4 Production
VP1102 None Unsupported
VP1202 CPM5 Production
VP1402 None Unsupported
VP1502 CPM5 Production
VP1552 CPM5 Production
VP1702 CPM5 Production
VP1802 CPM5 Production
VP2502 CPM5 Production
VP2802 CPM5 Production
Versal HBM VH1522 CPM5 Production
VH1542 CPM5 Production
VH1582 CPM5 Production
VH1742 CPM5 Production
VH1782 CPM5 Production

Device image generation is disabled by default for all ES silicon. Production devices might not be tested through software and/or hardware and Tandem PDI generation is gated by a parameter. Any device not listed in this table is either currently unsupported, or does not contain a CPM site necessary to enable support.