Using the Provided Software and Drivers - 3.4 English

Versal Adaptive SoC CPM Mode for PCI Express Product Guide (PG346)

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3.4 English

The open-source, AMD provided drivers and user space applications for the MCAP VSEC, QDMA, and XDMA IPs can be found at to be cloned or downloaded. There is also an extensive documentation on each of the drivers contained in the repository and linked to external pages. The following sections are provided to show an example of the required commands; assuming a compatible bitstream has been loaded to the device already, the PCIe link is up, and the stage 2 or partial bitstream(s) are ready to be delivered to the device. For the examples in the following sections, assuming the Bus:Device.Function of the PCIe device is 01:00.0.

Note: Before loading DFX PDI using QDMA/XDMA driver (or) MCAP, you must enable the SBI data path by writing 0x29 to SBI control register (0xF1220004).