CDO Selection - 3.4 English

Versal Adaptive SoC CPM Mode for PCI Express Product Guide (PG346)

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3.4 English
  • By default, if you only have one CIPS IP simulated (that is, you have connected your CIPS IP DUT to a PL-based IP such as PL-PCIe, or a third party BFMs that do not require a CDO file), then no extra steps are required. The CIPS IP by default uses cpm_data_sim.cdo file to load the configuration of your IP.
  • If you have multiple CIPS IPs simulated, you must specify the CDO file to use for each IP by doing the following: versal_cips_0.inst.cpm_0.inst.CPM_INST.SIM_CPM_CDO_FILE_NAME = "<cpm_data_sim_file_name.cdo>";