Statistics Field for Ports - 5.0 English

System Cache LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG118)

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5.0 English
Table 1. Statistics Fields for Optimized Port 0
Offset 1 Register Name Access Format 2 Description
0x0_0000 RdSegO0 R COUNT Segments Per Read Transaction
0x0_0020 WrSegO0 R COUNT Segments Per Write Transaction
0x0_0040 RdInfoQueueO0 R QUEUE Read Information Port Queue Statistics
0x0_0060 RdDataQueueO0 R QUEUE Read Data Port Queue Statistics
0x0_0080 BIPInfoQueuO0 R QUEUE BRESP Information Port Queue Statistics
0x0_00A0 BPQueueO0 R QUEUE BRESP Port Queue Statistics
0x0_00C0 WrInfoQueueO0 R QUEUE Write Information Port Queue Statistics
0x0_00E0 WrDataQueueO0 R QUEUE Write Data Port Queue Statistics
0x0_0100 RdBlockO0 R COUNT Read Blocked from Arbitration
0x0_0120 WrHitO0 R SCOUNT Write Hits
0x0_0140 WrMissO0 R SCOUNT Write Miss
0x0_0160 WrMissDirtyO0 R SCOUNT Write Miss Dirty
0x0_0180 RdHitO0 R SCOUNT Read Hit
0x0_01A0 RdMissO0 R SCOUNT Read Miss
0x0_01C0 RdMissDirtyO0 R SCOUNT Read Miss Dirty
0x0_01E0 LockWrHitO0 R SCOUNT Locked Write Hit
0x0_0200 LockRdHitO0 R SCOUNT Locked Read Hit
0x0_0220 FirstWrHitO0 R SCOUNT First Write Hit
0x0_0240 RdLatencyO0 R COUNT Read Latency
0x0_0260 WrLatencyO0 R COUNT Write Latency
0x0_0280 CRLSO0 R/W LONGINT Configuration for read latency statistics
0x0_02A0 CWLSO0 R/W LONGINT Configuration for write latency statistics
  1. Address offset is given for Optimized Port 0. For offset to other per port registers use the formulas:
    • Optimized Port x Offset = IP Offset + x * 0x400, x = 1 to 15
    • Generic Port x Offset = IP Offset + x * 0x400 + 0x4000, x = 1 to 15
  2. See section Register Records and Formats for details.