CHI Master Interface - 5.0 English

System Cache LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG118)

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5.0 English

The CHI master interface is compliant to Arm AMBA-5 CHI Architecture Specification, Arm IHI0050B. The following features are supported:

  • One Request Node (RN-F)
  • Data width 512 bits
  • Address width 48 bits
  • 64 byte cache line
    • All available sizes are supported for Read and Write requests
  • The following transactions are generated under normal conditions:
    • ReadNoSnp, ReadOnce, ReadUnique, ReadShared, CleanShared, CleanUnique, CleanInvalid, MakeInvalid, WriteNoSnp, WriteUnique, WriteBackFullSD, WriteBackFullUD
  • The following transactions can be generated when atomic transactions are enabled:
    • AtomicStore_ADD, AtomicStore_CLR, AtomicStore_EOR, AtomicStore_SET, AtomicStore_SMAX, AtomicStore_SMIN, AtomicStore_UMAX, AtomicStore_UMIN, AtomicLoad_ADD, AtomicLoad_CLR, Atomicoad_EOR, AtomicLoad_SET, AtomicLoad_SMAX, AtomicLoad_SMIN, AtomicLoad_UMAX, AtomicLoad_UMIN, AtomicSwap, AtomicCompare
  • All normal and forward snoop combinations