CCIX System Address Map - 5.0 English

System Cache LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG118)

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5.0 English

The CCIX System Address Map (SAM) is responsible for translating an address to a Target ID (TgtID) in the coherent domain. All available registers for configuration are outlined in the register section. Up to 32 SAM entries are supported, but usually much fewer than that are used.

If an address is provided that is not covered by a SAM entry, the transaction will end with Decode Error on AXI.

SAM entries are either configured in Range or Mask mode:

Base register is the lower address and Mask register is the upper address of the defined address range
Mask register defines which address bits are compared with the corresponding bits in the Base register (intended for advanced users, not used by firmware)

Typically all Request Agents are assigned an ID during the PCIe/CCIX negotiations via the firmware, so the SAM requires no configuration.

It is possible for specify default values used after reset for the first four entries, using the parameters listed in the following table:

Table 1. SAM Parameter Mapping
Parameter 1 Description
C_SAMx_VALID Valid entry
C_SAMx_LOCAL Reserved for future use, set to 0
C_SAMx_ID Agent ID of Home Agent
C_SAMx_LINK Reserved for future use, set to 0
C_SAMx_BASEADDR Lower address of range / Base for mask
C_SAMx_HIGHADDR Upper address of range / Mask
  1. x = 0 - 3
Note: CHI systems also have SAM for address to ID translation but in this case it is located in the CPM instead of System Cache.